Body BluePrint

Whether we thrive or not is based on this simple formula: Ingestion + Digestion + Assimilation + Elimination…In other words we are what we eat. The question is, “How do you come to know what is truly best for you?” I can show YOU how to figure out exactly what you need to become the best YOU you’ve ever known, through advanced Functional Medicine Lab Testing. Unlike the minimal screening tests you may receive from your Primary Care Doctor, that only address the effects of conditions once they have progressed to a disease status, Functional Medicine Labs seek to determine root causes of chronic disease states. There are many such labs available to a doctor specializing in Functional Medicine. In consultation with the patient, it is my job to determine which labs are necessary to fully evaluate each patient’s condition. This is a highly individualized process, rather than the cookie-cutter labs that you may have received, after which you may have been told “There is nothing wrong with you”, when you know differently. My motto is “You can’t find what you don’t look for”. If a physician only performs tests that allows him or her to name a disease, without addressing the multiple underlying reasons a patient has reached a disease state; it will be impossible to address those conditions successfully.

My Body BluePrint Program is designed to do just that…together we will discover your body’s unique strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities through a series of comprehensive blood, salivary hormone, urine and digestive tests. The goal is to understand the nuances of your biochemistry. In other words, when we review your labs, you will have a roadmap to health that will apply only to you!

“After 18-months of being lethargic and having my doctor tell me, ‘it’s because you have a family and have a high stress job,” I decided to get my Body Blue Print done. I had hookworm! Dr. Weed worked with my physician to get rid of the hookworm and I’ve never felt better!” – Brooke 31

“After a lifetime of dealing with digestive issues, a friend convinced me to get my Body Blue Print done. At 65 years of age, I found out I was allergic to eggs and had a gluten sensitivity. I was glad there was a cause for my problem, but I was concerned about the dietary changes. Dr. Weed provided me the guidance and support to make the transition manageable. Six-weeks and twenty pounds later, I feel great!” – Jim 65